Wednesday, May 1, 2019


It’s spring, the bees are doing what bees do...

My split has worked! On Good Friday I split my strong hive and 11 days later there are a couple of queen cells, capped. This weekend she should emerge and in another week or so should be laying! I’ll go back in on or around 13/5/19.

My strong hive (which was the one I split) is filling a super, so I added a second.

The weaker hive was in a single deep; when I took a look inside I found the bees building comb above the inner cover. So I removed this, shuffled the deep frames as not all were built out, and I’ve added an excluder and a super. Hopefully they’ll start to fill this now. I’ll go back this weekend to try to sort the deep out a bit.

My bait hive hasn’t been occupied yet, which I guess is good, but I’m still on the look out for a swarm...

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