Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Dash!

I dashed around some of my hives today. The three in Ladue look in excellent shape! Lots of nectar, nice and heavy, some calm bees and a little brood in the top box. I have a feeling the queen is down in the bottom deep as there were no eggs up top!  I hope in spring these hives will be rocking!  I better prepare for some splits!

The hive in Diane's yard is also in a nice place; certainly much better than it was last year. There is nectar in the hive and a nice lot of brood in the top box, but I nevertheless left the partially full super on the hive as I thought the bottom box was light of stores. I think I will pull the super and try to feed this hive over the next couple of weeks; I might do that tomorrow if the weather cooperates!