Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two weeks of hard work!

I came home from vacation last week to find the girls in my large hive at home have been working hard and packing in the honey! In the last 2 weeks all 5 supers have been almost filled! I need to check my other hives ASAP to see when I will harvest, but it all looks rather good for July 4th!

The Hunt for Drone Congregation Areas!

Well we did manage to go and hunt for the DCAs near Selborne. My Dad, Matt and I went for a lovely 4 mile walk through the gorgeous Hampshire countryside looking in three locations for the DCAs.  Sadly we didn't find any drones, but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves as the photos testify!
Next time maybe I'll try and find a local beekeeper who actually knows their location! Nevertheless I have a big thank you to say to the chaps at Gilbert White's House in Selborne - Flair Kitching the Assistant Manager and David Standing the Head Gardener. Their instructions to find the locations were wonderful.  The fact we didn't find any bees there seemed only a very minor failing!

Here are some other views from our walk!