Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mite Treatment

I got to my hives on the 27/12.  It was nice and cold too, so all the bees were at home.  

It seemed a perfect day to use my new vapouriser. I borrowed a car battery and got to work.  I blanked off the omf and stuffed some newspaper in the reduced entrance and simply connected the terminals- that's it! Job done!  Just a couple of minutes to vapourise the oxalic acid crystals and move on to the next hive...

I went back today to see the drop and I'm pleased to say my hives had some minor drop but Dave's hive (which had no treatment in the autumn) had a considerable drop! I'm pleased I did all three as I could gauge the difference between them.  It seems a very effective treatment.  I'm not decided but I may go back again to see if I can get more mites on Monday!