Monday, September 7, 2015

And yet more!

Topped up the hives again!  AGAIN!

I last filled up on Friday lunchtime and here I am on Monday evening adding another 3 liters or so.  About 3 days!

They're putting it somewhere, I know they are.  

Actually, this is good stuff as all the bees that were out foraging seemed to be brining in pollen - yellow; so ivy? - the frames are filling and both hives look quite strong now.

I'll continue doing the feed as I'd like them to draw out some more comb before I call it quits for the season.

Friday, September 4, 2015

More Feed!

I refilled the feeders on Wednesday and had to do it again this afternoon (Friday)!  I'll check yet again on Sunday. 

I'm pleased they're taking so much feed but also a little concerned they are as I hoped they would have found more forage, but the weather has been mixed recently so I'm only a little worried.  I guess I'll keep feeding for as long as they want it, or as long as the weather (temperature) permits!

On other fronts; I spotted a (the?) Queen in the stronger of the two hives - this is the hive that had a single queen cell. So that answered that question I think! She's not huge but there was plenty of brood in the hive so I'm content!.

The weaker hive also looks strong now so I'm even more happy about that!

Finally there were a number of wasps buzzing around the entrance to the strong hive; more than I've seen before, but it is that time of year, so I rigged up an entrance reducer to make defense of the hive a bit easier.