Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Hunt for Drone Congregation Areas!

Well we did manage to go and hunt for the DCAs near Selborne. My Dad, Matt and I went for a lovely 4 mile walk through the gorgeous Hampshire countryside looking in three locations for the DCAs.  Sadly we didn't find any drones, but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves as the photos testify!
Next time maybe I'll try and find a local beekeeper who actually knows their location! Nevertheless I have a big thank you to say to the chaps at Gilbert White's House in Selborne - Flair Kitching the Assistant Manager and David Standing the Head Gardener. Their instructions to find the locations were wonderful.  The fact we didn't find any bees there seemed only a very minor failing!

Here are some other views from our walk!


  1. I think you might be interested in this discovery yesterday on Selborne Common:

  2. Hi Phil This may interest you tomorrow (28 May): Beekeepers might be especially interested in the Selborne Common Nature Day this Saturday 28 May, near Alton, Hampshire, England.
    If the weather is kind - and of course that's a big if - Vita's Blogger, Turlough, will be there to see if he can demonstrate the Drone Congregation Area that was first reported by Gilbert White more than 200 years ago. If there is any drone action, Turlough expects it to happen around 3.30pm until about 5pm and he'll be up on top, on Sheep Down. If you happen to be in the area or at the Nature Day event, ask at one of the event stands to see if the trek up top is worthwhile as I will be telephoning down if the drones show up.
    Updates on Twitter @VitaEuropeLtd