Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Holidays are coming!

The holidays are coming so I'm putting together some gift bags!  A bottle of Honey and a Massage Bar.  There are four "flavours" of Massage Bar this year; Unscented, Orange-Vanilla, Black Amber and Lavender, and Ylang Ylang.  Of course all smell lovely (even the unscented one!) and really there is nothing mutually exclusive about using massage bars and honey! Trust me!

However, for those of you that aren't that experimental, my bars this year come in a tin.  This means they can be kept in a draw either at work or by the kitchen sink and they can be used as hand cream/barrier bars - they're fabulous like this too!

I hope to be selling some at the local farmers market in Kirkwood as well as in a local Kirkwood store "Cornucopia".  And there will always be some for sale from the front porch!  I have even taken my first "bulk order" of 8 gift bags for this Christmas!! So hurry and place your order before the rush!

Gift Bag contents!
Some lovely local beeswax!

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