Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's been a continual niggle, trying to keep tabs on all my equipment. Is it mixed up with my stuff at the gardens, or with Susan's? or is it in Eugene's yard? Finally I came up with the answer to my problems. Branding!

I mentioned this to my brother James sometime last year and James, being James, threw himself into the project and came up trumps at Christmas.  It was a loose specification. I wanted a copy of my tattoo to be the "mark" on my equipment. I simply took a photo sent it to James and let him get on with it.

It took a while, and several prototypes, but I think you'll agree the results were worth it. There will certainly be NO confusing my equipment now.

Oh, if anyone out there wants a bespoke branding iron just contact me through the blog with details of what you'd like and I'll pass it on. A price will be provided based on the complexity of the design! You'll love it I promise!

Pre-Stained Woodenware
Stained Woodenware

My tattoo!

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  1. Very cool indeed. I hadn't thought about branding woodenware...that would probably hold up great over time!