Monday, March 11, 2013

First Inspection

I know it seems late but Saturday 9 March was the first time thus year that I've been able to get close to my bees! It's either been too cold or too wet when I was able to take a peep.

It rained heavily on Saturday morning but by the afternoon it was lovely and warm. I hadn't been certain if the 3 hives I have at and near my home had all managed to survive the winter, but on Saturday afternoon it was abundantly clear they had!

All hives were very active and almost every bee was carrying pollen (yellow or grey). There was even some nectar bring stored in the combs!

I wanted to see what was happening inside the hives just to see if there was as much activity as there was outside. Oddly enough none of my 3 hives had any brood! At least I didn't see any. This is curious; I can't believe all 3 would be Queenless, but I can believe that the cold weather in February might have put a temporary stop to brood rearing. There were way too many bees out and about and inside for the hives to be still populated with bees from last year. Well, this us my hope/theory. Anyway, what can I do? It's not as though I can go out and find a Queen and pop her in tomorrow!

No, I am content just to see so many bees busy and active. I'll check them again in a couple of weeks time to see if brood rearing is well underway.

It's good to see the girls busy! It makes me feel like winter may finally be over! Oh! and it put a real spring in my step!!

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  1. Of the two hives I was bringing through the winter, one had capped and uncapped brood going by February 7th. The other hive I had however, still didn't have any brood by the end of February and the queen was there, but being ignored by her attendants. I figure since she was a new queen last fall, she might not have mated completely to be able to restart raising brood this spring. Once their population declined to below acceptable levels, I had to combine them with another hive.

    Hopefully your queens will start showing signs of brood soon! Do let us know what you decide to do.