Thursday, August 1, 2013

And it's supposed to be for their own good!

I went to the gardens at lunchtime to remove the MAQS. The treatment has been in a week now and the weather has been great for it.

When I got to the gardens I realized I'd forgotten matches so I couldn't light my smoker. But I figured that I'd only be in the hives very briefly so it wouldn't rally matter. How wrong I was!  As soon as I opened up the hives the bees came for me! Lots of them! Both hives acted the same way. And it was warm and sunny too! So what's the reason?

Was the MAQS was making them angry?
Was the lack of smoke a problem? Would this calmed them?
Perhaps they smelt the banana I ate in the office just before I left and this made them aggressive?

Whatever it was they were unpleasant and I rushed away with a few stings! I'll leave them a week before going back and checking on the queens.

Ungrateful girls! The treatment is supposed to be for their own good! I'll be better prepared got the last hive that has MAQS in it.

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