Thursday, December 12, 2013


Wow it’s cold! Last night it was -14C (or 7F if you prefer) and I wonder how the girls are doing!  It’s been a week or more since it was warm enough for them to venture out on cleansing flights and cleaning up the hive.

There is a circle of melted snow on top of each of the hives in my back yard which I take as a good sign. Maybe heat from the cluster is melting the ice above? Equally though, this also means the bees must be burning through their supplies of honey! So I may try to pop one of my insulated inner covers on top of the hive this weekend just to try and trap some of the heat they are generating and I think I will prepare some sugar mush for the hives so I can give them some emergency food.

The weather forecast isn't looking that great either.  I think we can expect another week of cold temperatures. Fingers crossed…

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