Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is this more evidence of neonicotinoid poisining?

Professor Dave Goulson is a respected UK bee researcher and has just published further evidence of the harm neonicotinoid pesticides may be doing to bumblebees.  Every time I see an article on the research being done into neonicotinoid pesticides and it's effect on bees it does not supporting the use of these systemic chemicals.

ee collects pollen from a cherry tree in village Studencice, Slovenia

The chemical companies state that the research does not mimic real field conditions, yet they have no credible field research data themselves that proves their chemicals are safe.  If it were easy to do then I guess the likes of Bayer and Syngenta would and should be doling this.  They haven't!

Here is a link to the latest news...

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