Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Manipulations

It's been a lovely warm day and the bees are loving it!  So I decided to interrupt their fun and rummage through my hives.

I did the two in the backyard first then the one down the street. I got to the garden hive late this afternoon.

One of my backyard hives appeared Queenless; there was no brood, and not many bees. So I combined this with its neighbour. This hive did have a queen but there was no brood in the hive as yet. I added some pollen from a couple of spare frames and I also reduced the hive to a single deep before combining the two. The weak hive I put over the strong but separated by a sheet of newspaper. They seem happy enough...

The hive in Diane's yard is strong.  Lots of bees, in a super and in a deep, a queen, some food and some brood (in the super). The hive had 2 deeps. The bottom deep had no stores so I removed it! The super I then put under the remaining deep which had some stores. Hopefully the queen will move up and start laying in the deep now.

Down at the gardens it was a similar story to the hive at home; a queen, a good number of bees but no brood, and only a little by way of stores.  I think I may feed this hive and put in a frame of pollen.  But I need to check if feeding syrup at this time of year isn't too early.

So it was a good day all round, even though I'm down to 6 hives, I feel good about what I have seen.  but I think some feeding is now in order.  I will try to go through my other hives on Sunday or Monday.

I wonder if anyone else out there has seen queens but no brood?

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