Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back in the UK

Well, I've been back in the UK for about a week now. The weather on my first Sunday back was lovely, but the early part of last week was just grey and cold. I'm not sure if I saw the sun for 3 days. However, my spirits were lifted this weekend as it's been bright, warm and sunny!

And the bees! So many bumble bees around!  The whole place seems to be just teeming with them! It's utterly brilliant! I've noticed that the road verges don't seem particularly well maintained so there's lots of wild flowers (or is that weeds) about; you can almost (almost) perceive a background drone, but I may be imagining that just a bit.

So what of my getting restarted? Well, since I've been back I have managed to get in touch with the local Town Crier/Gardener (don't ask!) who is thinking if he knows anyone with an orchard or suitable site for 4 hives, and friends are also putting the word out that "Phil's looking for an apiary site!".

I've located a couple of local beekeepers. One is reportedly a "professional" so I can't wait to find out what that means! And I now know of 3 beekeeping clubs in the area; Farnham, Petersfield and Wisborough Green. So that means there is tonnes of potential for conflicting views and theories on keeping bees for me to wade through!  I can't wait!  Someone has already remarked, on hearing I came back from the US, that I'll have some "funny ideas about equipment"!

And word of my "hobby" has already spread around the office! To the extent that a couple of people have already asked what I have available!

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