Wednesday, January 27, 2016

At last a warm, dry, day in January!

I managed to find time to visit the hives on Monday.  It was a very mild sunny morning (13C) so I wanted to see what, if any, action was apparent.  I had last been to see them last week when it was much colder and although they were clearly alive there was no activity outside the hives. 

I did not carry out an inspection as really there really wasn't anything I could have done to help them out.  I had no feed or "mush" prepared or with me.  However, it was great to see plenty of flying and cleaning and foraging going on!

It's a curious time of year. I never really know what to expect from the hives but they always surprise me.  I don't know why.  Bees have been over wintering for millions of years and so know a thing or two more than I do.  Still, they appear to be bursting with life, but I still think I may put some 4:1 "mush" on when i get a chance...

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