Monday, May 15, 2017

Split progress

The split I formed on 30/4 (Hive 4) appears to be on the road to success!  I did an inspection yesterday (14/5) and found at least 2 capped queen cells. This means two things. The split contained eggs and the old queen remained in the parent hive (Hive 2)!  Just what I wanted! In a couple of days there should be a new queen in residence.  Give it a couple more weeks and with luck she'll be laying! So no further inspections until early June!

I did go through Hive 1 but this was quite feisty and I got stung a couple of times.  It is bursting with bees and looks ripe for a split, but I didn't do this as I felt they were not very accepting of me. I will go back wearing more protection - layers on my arms!.  I did however add a third super - bottom supered.

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