Friday, September 22, 2017

Harvest Time!

Working away from home and going on holiday certainly don't do much for keeping the blog up to date!  The late summer was fairly uneventful and Dave and I finally managed to harvest, mostly in August, and we got a reasonable haul!

All in all the current count is about 54 kgs, or 120lbs, which I'm really quite chuffed with. It took a while to get all the labels for the jars sorted out but the following photos I think do the product justice.

I managed to source a few Muth jars as well as my favourite hexagonal 12oz and 1lb jars.  My great thanks goes to colleague Fiona in Salford who put up with me badgering her to help me with the design of the labels and I think she came up with some wonderful ideas!  

There were just enough jars even to sell through a couple of local shops - Apothacary27 in Wey Hill Haslemere and the Haslemere Wine Cellar in West Street.  Most gratifying of all however is the trade I did with Dylan's Ice Cream.  They have made a couple of flavours... "HoneyHoneyDontStop" (a pure honey flavour) and "Bumblebee" which is a chocolate and honey ripple with crunchy honeycomb pieces in it. The latter will be available at the Haslemere Food Festival tomorrow (23 September 2017) on Lion Green. Come and try some while you can!

And earlier today I was up winterizing the bees and I think I will be able to harvest another 25 pounds or thereabouts.  This is after leaving a at least a single full supers on each of my 4 hives.  

So I may do some cut comb or even some jars of honey & nuts... watch this space.

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