Sunday, July 12, 2009


It was like a drunk being ejected from a nightclub!

This morning (as we were having breakfast on the porch) we witnessed an outrageous act of aggression by the girls (...well kind of). A bumble bee was having a look around the hive and decided to see what was happening inside (a mistake). It was in for a few seconds and then was kind of "spat out" by the workers. It was a bit like watching bouncers ejecting a drunk from a night club. The bumble bee rolled out of the hive entrance, fell onto the floor, dusted itself off and flew off about its business. All in all, quite amusing.

There has also been quite a bit of work this last week. Three of the frames in the middle super (I have 3) are full of honey and the girls are beginning to cap off the full cells. I hope this means I will be able to extract some honey this year - the big extraction event is on 1 August. No work has gone on in the top super, but there is definitely more being saved in the lowest of the three supers.

I wonder if the condition of the built-out combs is playing a part? The middle super has built-out comb that appears cleaner, the comb is a lighter colour and is arguably in "better condition" than the lower super. The top super had no built out comb and hardly any activity is taking place.

Lower down, the queen (I found her on the top hive box), is still very busy and lots more larvae and brood is on the way. They honey stores in the hive boxes appears full as well. I have not looked in the bottom hive box as this seems unnecessary and would only disturb the bees - and I don't want that!

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