Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not much action!

I went through my hives in my back garden this evening - I have two hives a strong hive and a weak hive.  I went though the weak one first.  There was no honey in the supers so I think they may have been consuming some. But there is a lot of nice tight brood, but nothing that requires my attention.  What's especially nice is that I looked through the deeps and found the Queen. This was the queen that was reared by the hive back in March. I think the bees have sufficient space and I will leave things alone for a while.  I may do a reversal at the weekend or this time next week.

The stronger hive has quite a lot of honey in it.  I would guess 2 of the 3 supers are about 70% full.  Although not much is capped yet, things are looking good.  The third super is filling, but is not nearly so full. Although there doesn't appear to be much of a honey flow on at the moment I nevertheless added another (4th) shallow super.  This is a mixed super of foundation and drawn comb.  Hopefully the bess will be encouraged to fill this as well once things start flowing again.  I also did a reversal on this hive.  I reckon this is set up for the next month or so and it shouldn't need any attention for a while.  I didn't see the queen this time, which is a shame, but I managed to see small larvae.

I'm learning that "when it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

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