Friday, May 25, 2012


Leaving for our vacation this afternoon so I said goodbye to my bees! It's very important they know we're going away and why!

Anyway the hives in my neighbours have not really taken any syrup in the last few days, so I didn't add any more. But I did rearrange the frames to help to encourage them to draw out more foundation.

The hives in my yard are great! Three supers are pretty much full. The two other supers are there to be drawn out and also for some space should we get a nectar flow!

The other hive yard has space in its two supers but I have one in reserve should it be needed!

Bring it on!


  1. My daughter was just on Girard Place to see where she lived as a toddler. She didn't expect tofind honey, but what a great sign of all's well. She is bringing some home. We lived at 134 from 1962 to August 1967, adding a staircase and attic bedrooms. It looks like the Clemens woods is still there behind "our' house. The nephew of Sam who lived there gave the kids his rowboat to use as a sandbox. Many nights I had to go out and dig for our younger son's pacifier in the dark, with a flashlight.

  2. I'm so pleased Girard Place is like you remember, well mostly!

    Do you remember Gred and Susan at 145 and Marge at 142? They're still here!

    Oh! And I'm glad you like the honey!