Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Swarm - First of the year

I got lucky the other day.  I got called out in a Facebook post for a new swarm located just up the road from home (Bramshott Chase).  I made a couple of calls once I arrived in the general area and I quickly located them. It had been wet most of the day and they were looking a bit bedraggled.  However, that isn't all bad because as it was damp the bees weren't flying and consequently i would imagine all were present, trying to keep dry.

I found them less than a meter off the ground on a low branch.  Couldn't be easier! A sharp shake of the branch and they dropped into my swarm box; picked up a few stragglers, closed the lid and off I went.  I quickly got them installed in a hive at home where they can settle in before I can determine what to do with them.

Yesterday I fed them some syrup and put a frame of donated brood from an other hive and so hopefully this will be the boost they will need to get properly going; not that they will need it - they has already started to draw out the foundation in the new hive.

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