Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Nuc is doing well

You may recall that I took some bees away from the apiary - a weak hive - and located them in my nuc/observation beehive to see if I could coax them through the winter.

Well they have been doing well and did manage to get through winter well enough.  I wasn't sure how well as the first time I made an inspection there wasn't much brood.  However, now they are booming and I'm worried they might swarm!  The queen is laying good solid brood and most of the frames have brood in them now.

Not the most sensible thing to do...
I swapped a frame of brood from the brood area with the partially drawn out comb that was in the observation hive. I hope this provides space for the queen to lay in and eases the pressure on space in the box.

I also donated brood to the hive that contains the new swarm I caught on Thursday.  Once again I will go into the observation hive and swap brood with empty comb and I can keep things under control a for a week or so.  Why?  Well I'm going to take the bees into a local School in just over a week and also to work to illustrate a Positive Mental Health Talk I give - "5 Ways to Positive Mental Health". I'd like to prevent a swarm as I have plans to unite this strong nuc with a weak hive at the apiary.

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