Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bee-Vacs and Nucs.

Today I picked up two nucs for the bee yard in Ladue. I collected them from a friend in the bee club who was completing a "cut out" of a hive that was taking up residence in a chimney!  I've never seen a bee-vac in operation before and it was really quite interesting. Looks a bit dicey though!!!

Looks a bit dicey to me!

The two nucs appear to be in good order but I only saw a Queen in one of them. Time will tell if it is Queenless I suppose!

While I was there I thought I'd look in the established hive, but this is just nasty and aggressive! When I cracked open the top cover I was immediately set upon! Clearly a case for some premeditated Regicide. The Queen must go!  But when? I think once honey is harvested!

I know I'll have to go in with lots of layers on because I will get stung! I just hate knowing that!

Next inspection June 15.

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  1. Hey, we use our bee vacuum for beetles. We used a low powered portable sweeper and reduced the nozzle size to 1/2 inch. Works great and really cuts down on the beetle populations by about 90 percent. Here's my small hive beetle articles: