Monday, April 9, 2012

Observation Beehive - Now set up!

My final queen was used to populate my new observation beehive!

I got some eggs and brood from Susan's strong hive and simply added my queen in this nuc sized observation hive.  I've had a ball looking at the bees in the brood cleaning, waggling and generally bustling about!  I will let the queen settle in for a couple more days tbefore I move her up into the observation window.  Then I hope we'll be able to see the eggs change into larvae and grow!  Should be fun!

The local school is interested and I hope to be able to take the hive into the school in a week or so.


  1. I assume from the logo that this is a purchased observation hive? One of my plans this year is to build one from scratch so I'll be interested to hear what aspects of this one you like and dislike.

    I can't wait to have one myself!

  2. Given the tools and the time I think it would be easy to make one. However I bought my "Ulster" observation hive from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. The quality is good and I stained the wood myself.

  3. I just looked at it on the BM site and think I like that style more than the others I've seen. Thanks!

  4. The only drawback with this style of hive is that you cannot see a deep and a super together. I guess someone more talented than me at woodworking could do something about that!